David Bauman Photography


David has been shooting for over 50 years. He earned his BA degree from The Ohio State University in Photography and Cinema. He has worked in Munich, Germany as a Multi-Media Director, owned his own Communicatons Agency, and worked for the McDonald's Corporation as a Senior Producer/Director. Currently living in Arizona, he is the Assistant Director of the Media Resource Office at Midwestern University in Glendale.



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Church Dome & Angles

Ios, Greece

Bell Building

Columbus, Ohio

Stadium Steps

Cincinnati, Ohio

Fishing Shack


River Walk

Kent, Ohio

Blow Me Down



Rome, Italy

Blue Falls

Mill Creek Park - Youngstown, Ohio

Cascade Run Bench

Mill Creek Park -Youngstown, Ohio

The Beach

Bear Lake, Utah

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati, Ohio

Green Barn,

Killbuck, Ohio

Bullseye Window

Oberneudorf, Transylvania / Romania

Old Mill B & W

Mill Creek Park - Youngstown, Ohio

Notre Dame Poster

Paris, France

Ponte Vecchio

Florence, Italy


Old Mans Cave - Athens, Ohio

Boat Docks

Mill Creek Park - Youngstown, Ohio


Munich, Germany

Globe on Water

Rome, Italy

Self Portrait - Columbus, Ohio

Zigeuner (Gypsy)

Oberneudorf, Transylvania - Romania

Arion Slide Show

Greek Man - Ios, Greece

Garden Door, San Diego

Sparkles - Sedona, Arizona

Cave - Sedona, Arizona

State Office Tower Lobby - Columbus, Ohio