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Self Portrait - Painting with Light

It was 1965 when I photographed a neighbor's house through a window which had a small flying saucer pasted on it. In essence, I photographed a UFO flying over the neighbor's house. That was the result of my "unusual picture" assignment from my junior high photography course. This UFO photo found its way to the Pentagon, then Project Blue Book in Dayton, Ohio and finally was published on the inside cover of True's Flying Saucer Magazine.

Lower left inside cover is the published UFO photo. Laying on the first page is the actual photo

The hobby continued until declaring a major in Photography and Cinema at The Ohio State University. The curriculum combined theory and hands-on training in still photography and film production. At the time, my interest was photo history.

I became involved in a service area of the University that produced multi-media presentations. The group was synchronizing slides, 16mm film, and stereo audio with reel-to-reel tape players. "state-of-the-art" in the early 70's

Teaching Aid Labs where Eric Davis (right) and I are programming a multi-media show

Mansfield, Ohio showing of the Multi-Media show "God Bless the Grass"

Filming the opening sequence of visuals for the Ohio State University's "Annual Conference of Engineers"

In 1974, I accepted a full time photography position with the University and continued schooling by enrolling in independent study classes that gave credit hours for producing University films and events.

Woody Hayes

Covering OSU Football at the Shoe

James Taylor concert at Mershon Auditorium

Neil Young at Mershon Auditorium

Eagles 1973

Joe Walsh 1974


Striving for quality of technique and sharpness of image I always had my camera on a tripod, a polarizing filter over the lens, and an f-stop of 16 or higher. I also began practicing the art of "pre-visualization." This allows the photographer to see the desired image as an end result and then apply learned technical aspects of the photographic process to achieve the pre-visualized image. I often thought of myself as a surviving member of "Group f64".

Zone System - Commerce Street
Youngstown, Ohio

Zone System - Split Tree
Mill Creek Park - Youngstown, Ohio

Zone System - Old Mill Falls - Rick McKee
Mill Creek Park - Youngstown, Ohio

In the summer of 1976, I graduated from Ohio State with a BA degree in Photography & Cinema and several months later moved to Europe. After some touring, I began work as a part time documentary cinematographer and eventually accepted a full time position as a Multi-Media Producer for Reger Studios in Munich. Returning to the states a year later, I started my own company. It was a turn-key operation that produced and staged national, sales and product introduction meetings for Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Procter & Gamble, GE Aircraft Engines, Bosch, Iams, Abbott Labs, International Paper, Chiquita Brands, Valvoline, Welches, Batesville Casket, Disney Epcot Center, & McDonalds Corporation. Services included: entertainment, motivational and training videos, photography, and assorted collateral print material such as posters, point-of-purchase displays, sales materials and merchandising brochures.

Intrigued with 3-D photography, I began incorporating the technique into several productions, one of them being a 27 projector, 3-D slide show for Sea World of Florida's "Shark Encounter Theatre".

Enjoying a beer and a smoke at the English Garden in Munich

Private jet service in order to stage a new product launch in five U.S. cities within a two week window

In 1996 I began working for the McDonald's Corporation within the Creative Services Department as a Senior Producer Director. My work involved managing creative, quality of product, staging, production schedules, and budgets for event, meeting, and video productions. Utilizing their Intranet to help distribute video and centralize event information I was later appointed to the newly founded position of Intranet Product Manager for McDonald’s Global Communications.

During my time a McDonald’s I began sorting through and scanning the 10,000 slides that I had made over the past 28 years. With the new tool Photoshop, I learned to retouch the resulting digital images with much more control than the older wet processes.

A co-worker

Retiring from the corporate world in 1993, I moved to Glendale, Arizona and now work as the Assistant Director of Midwestern University's Media Resource Office. Photo, video, and AV design and installations are part of our department’s services.

Midwestern University - Arizona Campus

I recently began utilizing the “Raw” format for photo shoots. This format captures the full tonal range of a photo, which can then be manipulated in Adobe Lightroom to attain the pre-visualized image. The end results are similar to shooting and wet processing with the Zone System…but now with color.

Approaching the South Rim of the Grand Canyon by helicopter.



Self Portrait - August 2013 - Mill Creek Park - Youngstown, Ohio